Our Meaning

Liminal is the space between 'what was' and 'what’s next'.
It’s a time of transition, season of change, and where real growth occurs. It can also be when we’re feeling our most vulnerable, but to find comfort in this liminal space is how we learn, experience, and ultimately grow.

Our Vision

Find comfort in change.

Who are we

Our founding team identified the growing issues young people face and empathised with those feelings we all experience from time to time.

Our passion is, and always will be, putting smiles on young people’s faces by helping them to build the wellbeing toolkit they need to manage an increasingly complex world. Navigating through adolescence isn’t easy, that’s why Liminal work with experts to equip young people with tools to enable wellbeing.

Everybody has wellbeing – yet often it’s not something we are taught, rather something we are challenged by in our own time. Liminal aims to let every individual know they are never alone and that support is always near. As well as provide resources that support their positive emotional development. Tools they can lean on through adolescence, adulthood, and life.

Liminal set out to bridge the gap between the competitive wellbeing scene and the endless supply of engaging content that young people respond to. Compared to other platforms that are strictly data-driven, we have young people at the front of mind and work hard to strike a balance between what Liminal can do for you and what you can do for yourself. We are putting the power of wellbeing into your hands.

We set out to

Make wellbeing accessible

A dedicated wellbeing app where every young person has the opportunity to develop wellbeing prevention skills and strategies.

Provide real-time data

Allowing wellbeing teams to make sounds decisions based on real-time responses. Helping to ensure young people feel supported.

An application that benefits young people, evaluated by young people

Liminal is more than just a check-in tool, it’s application that enables long-term behaviour change.

Our team

Will Hams

Chief Executive Officer

Meet Will

Will is one of our founders and a strong advocate for wellbeing prevention strategies. Understanding that when it comes to wellbeing, there is no one model that fits all. His passion is helping people develop a wellbeing toolkit that works for them.

Damien Honan


Meet Damien

Damien has a strong history of growing a successful business that has had him at the helm of Honan Insurance Group for almost 30 years. Damien is a huge advocate for mentoring and empowering young people to get the most out of life.

Grace Connolly

Creative Director

Meet Grace

Grace is the other half of our founding team and is the mind behind the Liminal brand. Complementing beautiful design with authentic content to ensure every individual's experience on Liminal is impactful.

Julian Zeng

Head of Development

Meet Julian

Julian is our head tech guy and is responsible for overseeing the development work at Liminal. Through his experience in coming to Australia as an international student, Julian knows firsthand how valuable wellbeing resources in schools can be.

Will Honan

Financial Officer

Meet Will

Will is the money guy. He takes care of all the financials coming in and out of the Liminal doors. Will is a St Kilda lover and can often be found walking his best mate Freddy and enjoying the company of others on the weekend.

Grace Connolly

Creative Director

Meet Grace

Grace is the other half of our founding team and is the mind behind the Liminal brand. Complementing beautiful design with authentic content to ensure every individuals experience on Liminal is impactful.

Our wellness experts

Zoe Klein

Yoga Instructor

Meet Zoe

Meet our yogi Zoe. She has been teaching yoga since 2015, travelling globally to learn and share the practice of yoga. Zoe uses yoga as a tool to inspire wellbeing. Connecting yoga philosophy to everyday experiences and interactions.

Sharrman Maran

Pilates Instructor

Meet Sharrman

Sharrman is our wonderful Pilates instructor. He is bubbly, uplifting, and approaches pilates from a place of curiosity but always brings the fun. Sharrman helps you explore shapes and movements that feel good for you. Catch him on the mat!

Meg James

Meditation Teacher

Meet Meg

Meet our meditation expert, Meg! Meg has been familiar with mindfulness meditation since she was a child. After experiencing difficulties in her early 20s Meg reconnected with meditation to help calm her busy thoughts. For her, meditation helps her acknowledge her feelings, follow intuition, and develop her sense of self.
Meg James
Work At Liminal

Looking for purpose in your work?

Big ambitions and a strong collective to get it done. We’re currently on the hunt for awesome people with a passion for making a difference.