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Liminal Wellbeing works with schools across Australia to integrate an innovative wellbeing platform that engages every member of your school community. Methodically working in line with the latest research in youth mental health and wellbeing, Liminal has developed a modern approach for students to access wellbeing strategies, while simultaneously providing wellbeing teams with the data they need for early intervention and prevention. 

Providing every individual the tools to overcome, excel, and prosper through life.

The Liminal school management program is designed to collate all the information of traditional pulse check-ins, while also incorporating smart analytics, the latest software solutions, customised features, and a user centred interface. These propositions set Liminal apart from other management platforms and create an innovative engagement learning tool for students. Changing the status quo of reactive wellbeing platforms.

For schools

Regular wellbeing check-ins

Wellbeing check-ins are becoming more common across education but how is this data utilised? With Liminal, we have developed the resources to encourage autonomy of the student while providing teachers and wellbeing teams a range of prevention and early intervention indicators.

Student support

Assist students to seek support by making wellbeing teams more accessible through Liminal. Young people often face common barriers when seeking support including stigma, embarrassment, trust, and the difficulty to clearly identify and articulate the challenges they are facing. With Liminal, we help to reduce these barriers.

Personal and social capabilities

Align your wellbeing programs to meet the Australian curriculum by developing personal and social capabilities for students. Liminal will assist you with providing student resources and evaluation tools, helping you to meet the curriculum and effectively monitor your efficacy.

Roles and Responsibilties

We know that teachers have enough on their plate. That’s why we have developed a straightforward system that provides simple and useful information that doesn’t disrupt their workflow. While wellbeing teams are given detailed insights and management functions to monitor granular cases and collectives.

Team Leader

Team Leader

Is the manager of the program and oversees all functions. Team leader account holders can view all students and manage support requests.

Group Leader

Group Leader

Is the manager of the program and oversees all functions. Team leader account holders can view all students and manage support requests.



Students have access to the Liminal app and student web portal. They can view resources, try new wellbeing strategies, seek support, and monitor personal wellbeing.
Schools We Partner With

For students

Better understand your wellbeing and those around you

By learning more about your own wellbeing, you can better support your friends. Find articles and modules that increase your social support.

Discover strategies that work for you

Liminal offer a range of strategies and resources for you to experiment with and find what works best for you according to your current needs and environment.

A resource to be used inside and outside of the classroom

Liminal is an on-the-go wellbeing resource that's always in your pocket. Check-in, discover, and practice wellbeing strategies wherever you are no matter your situation.

Equipping students with skills and strategies they can take with them past the doors of school and into life.


Working across multiple school systems can be time-consuming and unpracticle. As a specialised wellbeing platform, we want to make onboarding Liminal seamless. Our platform supports your existing school management and learning management systems.

Liminal helps me ask myself 'how do I want to feel today?'


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