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Supporting a healthy workplace

Whether you’re a small-medium enterprise (SME) or large organisation, the chances are that you have seen a dramatic change in your workplace. These changes have resulted in a greater emphasis on flexible working environments, employee autonomy, and purpose-driven culture. Through a series of trials, Liminal has developed an interactive and intuitive wellbeing management solution focused on supporting the performance, productivity, and strengths of your employees and organisation.

Investing in your employees

Through the Liminal App, we provide employees with the resources and strategies they need to develop their physical and mental fitness, while also integrating current employee benefits and promotion of social connection. By gaining greater insights on employee behavior, Liminal provides key insights to managers assisting them to stay connected with their team, understanding employee interests, managing workloads, and taking a preventative approach to burnout, stress, and turnover.

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Is the return on investment, for every dollar spent on employee wellbeing.
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Of Australian workers are currently experiencing a mental health condition.
50 %
Of employees think mental health is an important issue for businesses, but only 50% believe their workplace is mentally healthy.

Enterprise management

Are you a large organisation or franchise managing multiple locations?

Our enterprise offering may be perfectly suited to your needs. With the Liminal enterprise panel, we enable organisations to create multiple business accounts enabling specific teams to independently manage their people, while providing national wellbeing teams with insights and functionality to support. For more information about our enterprise offering, speak to a Liminal expert today!  

For businesses

Create a mentally healthy workplace

90% of employees believe mental health and wellbeing to be an important issue for organisations REF. Through Liminal, you are providing employees the opportunity to have agency of their own wellbeing while simultaneously identifying times to check-in and reducing barriers to seek support.

Stay connected with remote employees

While the shift to flexible working environments provides benefits for employees, it can be difficult for managers to stay connected with their team, promoting connection, and extending culture. Liminal can support every member within your organisation to stay connected through simple notifications, check-ins, and resources while enabling productivity to remain high.

Centralise employee benefits and wellbeing resources

Make employee benefits and wellbeing resources more accessible through the Liminal App. Alongside Liminal’s evidence-based activities, organisations can utilise the employee app by uploading business specific employee resources, employee assistance plan access, and more for staff to access at the convenience of their app. We help you centralise your wellbeing initiatives and increase employee engagement so that you can see the positive impact in your workplace.

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For employees

Discover wellbeing strategies that work for you

Our bank of wellbeing resources means that there is something for everyone. Whether you are experienced in the benefits wellbeing prevention strategies or looking to find new ways to stay on-top of your physical, mental, and social health, Liminal actions has you covered.

Take a moment to check-in

A simple daily check-in can go a long way to understanding the behaviours that impact the way you feel and function. Take a moment to set your intentions for the day, journal your daily practices, and become more in tune with your wellbeing.

Get support when you need it

It’s estimated that 45% of Australians will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime, the most common being anxiety and depression. Through Liminal, we help you to take a preventative approach to your mental health and wellbeing while also developing multiple layers of support to reduce help-seeking barriers.