Embedding a culture of support in sport.

Player Wellbeing

Community sporting clubs are more than just a place to kick a ball and meet up 3 times a week. More and more, these environments have become an outlet for those who balance work-life commitments. Sporting clubs give their community a sense of purpose, trusted network, and social connection. 

Get the most out of your players on and off the field.

Linking purpose and performance.

Liminal helps community sporting clubs centralise their approach to player and staff support through an easy-to-use app and management system. Whether it is health promotion initiatives, accessing support resources, or simply creating a platform where members of your community can turn to to start developing preventative wellbeing strategies, the Liminal system has you covered.

Joe Daniher Wellbeing Routine

Helping your club kick goals.

For clubs who partner with Liminal, we also offer a range of face-to-face services, presentations, and access to guest speakers all with the goal to educate and inspire your club’s community to make positive choices when it comes to their mental health and wellbeing.

In addition to Liminal’s offerings and resources, clubs have the flexibility to upload internal content including physical and mental resources, job opportunities, player profiles, and more.

For clubs and leaders

Help your club become a safe and inclusive community

Sport has long been embedded in the fabric of local communities. Not only do local clubs act as a meeting place for players and volunteers, but they provide a stable environment for those looking for support and connection. Through Liminal, you can track your club’s impact and promote wellbeing across your community.

Stay connected so every person can get the support they need

Liminal offers your club the opportunity to breakdown barriers and raise awareness of support services available. Whether it’s assisting with job opportunities, managing work related stress and burnout or responding to issues on and off the field, Liminal provides you with insights and open communication.

Track and promote your impact

Whether it is on-field performance, providing local job opportunities, or evaluating your clubs social impact, if you value it – measure it. Liminal is your tool to engage your players with simple check-ins and pulse surveys so that your club can get the insights you need to stay on top of what matters most.


Mental Health






Self Awareness

Nutrition + Health


For Players & members

Develop wellbeing strategies that work for you

Through Liminal, players can access evidence-based activities to develop their own mental health and wellbeing strategies. From challenging HIIT sessions, guided meditation and learning how you can support a friend, Liminal ‘actions’ is a one stop shop for all your physical, mental, and social wellbeing needs.

Get the support you need, when you need it

Sporting clubs play an important role for any person whether you’re volunteering your time or have aspirations to make it professionally. The Liminal app gives you a daily reminder to check-in with your-self so that you can learn to manage the ups and downs. If you need support, you can easily send a notification to your clubs welfare team or access support services via your app.

Be inspired through insights

When we say that Liminal is a one stop shop for wellbeing, we mean it! Our insights means that you have a daily feed of inspiring stories, recommendations, Liminal partner benefits and more. More importantly your club also has the opportunity to upload new resources via Liminal so that you can find everything you need in one location.

off field purpose promotes on field performance

“Liminal has been an awesome tool for me to notice the different habits and behaviours that impact my wellbeing.”
Lachie Sharp. 4x Premiereship Player at Strathfieldsaye Football Netball Club.
“We are excited to support Liminal and see it as a great tool for clubs to track players mental health and wellbeing.”
Sam Skinner. Commercial, Media and Operations Manager at AFL Central Victoria.
"Over the last few years we have put a lot of work into player wellbeing. We love that Liminal enables us to integrate our club wellbeing portal to make our resources more accessible for players."
Michael Pickering. Director of Player Wellbeing at Fitzroy Football Club.

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