wellbeing management platform

Build a culture of health and wellbeing.

The Liminal Management System is the connection between wellbeing teams and their people. The Liminal check-in and support function provides your organisation with real-time data that allows you to proactively support those who need it.

Implement layers of support.

The Liminal Management System is the connection between wellbeing teams and the people they support. Liminal allows you to generate pulse surveys, implement regular wellbeing check-ins, and integrate existing resources to make them more accessible. Through our different engagement metrics, you will be able to track the overall wellbeing indicators across your organisation, identify common support issues, and gain valuable data on resources that work so you can stay proactive and informed.

Receive accurate data and make informed decisions.

Accurately measure the success and progress of current wellness programs, co-curricular activities, guest speakers and more. Reinforce these resources by uploading to the Liminal App so individuals can refer back and build long-term outcomes.

Create your own custom content and resources.

Liminal allows management roles to create and upload custom content that aligns with your organisation. Young people often turn to social media as a source of news and education. By integrating Liminal you can maximise engagement and reinforce positive learning strategies.

Spend less time reporting and more time supporting.

The Liminal Management System does the time extensive reporting for you. Manage support requests with our certified triage system, analyse common trends, book appointments, and record notes, so you can prioritise meaningful support.

Lead the way

Feel comforted with our data security.

The Liminal cloud security system is certified by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) and is utilised by private and government organisations as a world-class cloud service. You can be confident that your data is secure.

Drive Growth.

Equip your people with actionable tools that support their development while simultaneously acquiring the data you need to provide prevention and support. The Liminal Management System identifies common trends and personal growth areas.

Take away the anxiety in asking for help.

In an increasingly complex and digital world, reaching out for support can feel daunting and uncomfortable. Liminal provides individuals with an alternative support option, reducing the barriers and helping wellbeing teams get on the front foot.

Looking for a deeper insight into your organisations wellbeing?

The Liminal Survey function enables your organisation to send out a variety of pulse surveys to gain a deeper understanding of key focus areas. Utilising our machine learning model, Liminal can automate insights that enable you to understand key takeaways without the need for you to spend hours analysing data. From physical health checks to understanding your learning environment, Liminal has your organisations wellbeing covered.

* This function is currently in trial, new updates coming soon!

Identify and RESPOND

Motivation and energy
Mental health
Sleep quality
Physical activity
Nutrition quality
The process


Let's chat!

Get in touch with our team to receive all the information you need to know about working with Liminal. We will give you a demonstration of the app and management system, as well as provide you with case studies of how Liminal is used across different organisations.


Set up

One of our team members with facilitate a 1hr workshop to run your wellbeing team through all the information you need to optimise Liminal. Following the introduction workshop, you will receive resource guides and our custom support line to contact whenever you need.


Get inspired

As part of our onboarding process, Liminal will conduct a wellbeing presentation to all members of your organisation encouraging engagement and the importance of prioritising your wellbeing. For a sneak peek take a look at our ‘Finding Comfort In Change’ presentation video.

Ready to try the power of Liminal yourself?

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