World Health Day 2022

April 7th marks World Health Day. A universal day hosted by the World Health Organization that draws attention to specific topics relating to health.

The theme for World Health Day 2022, is ‘Our planet, our health’. Shining a light on the attention needed to act and prioritise a healthy planet, which keeps each of us safe.

The World Health Organization estimates that each year more than 13 million deaths are caused due to environmental causes. They also believe these deaths are avoidable if treated.

The facts about climate crisis

  • Over 90% of people breathe unhealthy air because of burning fossil fuel
  • With the heat of the world rising, diseases are spreading farther and faster through mosquitos
  • As we have recently seen in Australia, extreme weather events, land degradation, water scarcity, and surplus are displacing people and distressing their health
  • Pollution and plastic are found in the deepest parts of our ocean and the highest of our mountains, impacting our food chain
  • Food and beverage productions make up one-third of our global greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, the highly processed outcomes are also partly to blame for increasing cancer and heart disease
  • Rising temperatures and floods caused by climate change will put 2 billion people at risk of dengue
  • 2 billion people don’t have access to safe drinking water. This causes 829,000 people to die from diarrhoea each year
  •  Air pollution kills 13 people every minute from diseases like lung cancer, heart disease, and strokes

Another focus for this WHD, is encouraging every society to adopt a healthy wellbeing. The last 3 years have been especially testing for individuals and communities, but it has illuminated the need for sustainable wellbeing. COVID-19 showed us that we needed to reach equitable health quickly. Moreover, we need to achieve sustained wellbeing for generations to come. A wellbeing economy is being fostered to acquit unfair division of income, wealth, and power and instead spread long-term investments, wellbeing budgets, social protection, and legal and economic strategies. Incentivising those who are proactive in making healthy choices.

At Liminal

At the heart of Liminal is an understanding of all these individual and environmental factors that make our sense of self and passion for life strong. We aim to focus on physical strength, mental relief and resilience, social comfort, and environmental harmony. We believe that it is the job of every individual to take the power of their wellbeing into their own hands, to support and uplift those around us and keep our wider community and global family safe.

Additionally, the Liminal team also understands the importance to display responsible business practice. Each year we pledge to our Liminal Tree Planting Day. Donating and getting down on our knees to plant more than 5,00 trees in rural and local areas. This year, we only intend to go bigger. If you would like to make a small contribution, we have set up a ‘Feel Good Seed’ that you can purchase from the Liminal shop. Each October we welcome anyone who would like to join, stay up to date by signing up for our newsletter for all the latest updates.

This is all to say, our health depends on the planet, just as its health depends on us. Happy World Health Day.


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