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Improve Workplace Health And Wellbeing With LiminalRise+​

Liminals innovative app and management system work together to create a comprehensive wellbeing resource. Discover how LiminalRise+ helps individuals understand their emotions, develop effective stress management skills, and navigate the challenges of work and personal life. Plus, empower your organisation with an intuitive tool designed to enhance employee wellness. Experience the transformative power of LiminalRise+ today.


We use evidence-based research and studies to respond to real world scenarios.

20 %

Australian workers

report that their mental health condition was caused or made worse by their workplace.

$ 1 0

Return on investment

for every $1 organisations invest in creating mentally healthy workplaces.

0 %

Of young people

experience a mental health problem.

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A Complete Wellbeing Resource in your Pocket

The Liminal app is designed to empower individuals by enabling them to reflect on their everyday wellbeing. Through its user-friendly interface and features, the app encourages self-awareness and introspection, allowing users to gain insights into their emotions, stress levels, and overall state of being.

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Proactive Wellbeing Management: Empower your Organisation

The Liminal management system is a powerful tool that allows organisations to effectively access the wellbeing of their employees. Through this system, organisations can gather and analyse data related to employee well-being, providing valuable insights into their workforce’s overall health and happiness.

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Wellbeing is at your Fingertips

Track different areas of your wellbeing, find resources to support your mental health and confidently seek support when you need it. The Liminal app also hosts a broad range of physical, mental, and social resources, so you can have strategies in your pocket to lean on when managing life’s inevitable challenges.

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Building Resilient Teams: The all-in-one Platform for Effective Support

By utilising the data-driven approach of the Liminal Management System, organisations can develop targeted interventions and initiatives to support employee wellbeing. The system enables organisations to identify patterns and trends and address potential issues before they escalate.

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Get the support you need, when you need it

The Liminal App allows employees to reach out for support when they need it.

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Quantifying Wellbeing: using data to assess and enhance company wellness

In today’s data-driven world, capturing and analysing valuable data is paramount to understanding and measuring overall company wellbeing. By collecting and leveraging relevant data, organisations can gain deeper insights into the factors that impact employee wellbeing, identify trends, and make informed decisions to foster a healthier work environment.

Why Strong Company Culture Drives Business Success

Attract Top Talent

Strong company culture attracts top talent, as employees want to work in an environment where they feel valued, supported, and engaged. This, in turn, allows companies to recruit and retain the best people in their field, which can give them a competitive edge.

Increase Employee Wellbeing

A strong culture prioritising employee wellbeing can lead to improved morale, reduced stress, and a better work-life balance, leading to increased productivity and reduced turnover. Helping your employees positively respond to fast-paced working environments.

Foster Collaboration

A strong culture encourages collaboration, open communication, and teamwork among employees. This can lead to improved problem-solving and decision-making, as well as the development of new ideas and solutions.

Improve Employee Engagement

When employees feel connected to their company’s culture and values, they are more engaged in their work and feel a sense of ownership over their role and the success. Leading to increased productivity, innovation, and a higher level of commitment to the company’s goals.

Try Liminal for your business

Liminal helps organisations build a high-performing culture by prioritising the wellbeing of their people.

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