FS8 Wanted A Challenge That Focussed On Holistic Wellbeing Rather Than Body Image


FS8 Bendigo + FS8 Ballarat

Liminal Wellbeing recently partnered with FS8 Bendigo and FS8 Ballarat to deliver their first 30-day wellness challenge. FS8 wanted to provide its members with a holistic initiative that supported them in more ways than simply numbers on a scale. The challenge included members using the Liminal App to complete a daily check-in on their physical, emotional, and social health. They were also provided with a new daily task that was either guided or self-directed to boost positive emotions. Each activity was designed to easily integrate into their daily routines, while also nudging them to explore the many facets of their personal wellbeing. 

FS8 Studios are making waves with their science-backed techniques. Connecting physical and psychological wellbeing through strength and flexibility. Through this use of Liminal, staff and leaders were able to accentuate that philosophy and deliver healthy habits well beyond the studio doors.

Pilates and Yoga are known for their harmony and balance, FS8 wanted to take that philosophy one step further and make the literal connection between each pillar of holistic wellbeing. A remix to the challenges we are used to seeing in which ask members to track their intake and get on the scales.

“It was so nice to not have the focus on weight loss or fat loss.”


The purpose of the 30-Day Wellness Challenge is to introduce bite-sized wellbeing tools for people to experiment with. The challenge is the perfect balance between challenging and achievable, bolstered by the supportive environment of a group to uplift each other. It’s also a great way for members to feel a sense of connection and community even on the days they can’t physically make it to the gym. 

Fast-paced lives and busy schedules can often mean self-care comes last. Though, reflecting and acknowledging our daily wellbeing can be done in seconds. Shaping your mindset for the day or acknowledging the way you may be feeling and actively choosing to do something about it.

“The daily tasks and gratitude journal every day which helped my mental health enormously.” 


“A great way to safely check in with physical, emotional and social feelings and identify patterns or trends that positively or negatively affect you.” 


What FS8 managed to do was place the emphasis on how you feel rather than measuring how you look. Equipping their members with a range of tools to support their pilates, tone, and yoga practice while also creating a supportive environment for everyone to thrive. 

“An extremely motivating experience. Thank you for the tips along the way.”