How Strathfieldsaye Centralised Player Wellbeing




Strathfieldsaye Football Netball Club competes in the Bendigo Football League (BFNL) and is part of the AFL Central VIC region. The Strathfieldsaye FNC was established in 2007 and has since become a powerhouse club in the BFNL, collecting 11 premierships, including 4 Senior Men’s Premierships. While the collection of silverware has caught the attention of clubs around Victoria, internally, a lot of what the club attributes to success is the work they do off the field to build a strong community, made up of dedicated and loyal players, coaches, and volunteers. 


When Liminal first contacted the club about introducing a wellbeing platform, the committee, coaches, and players were immediately receptive and more than willing to give it a try. Before implementing Liminal, the club had no formal process for a club member to seek support and no Wellbeing Coordinator role in place. In addition, Strathfieldsaye wanted to introduce a regular check-in that was genuine, effective and could easily be added to players’ day-to-day routines. Encouraging a proactive approach to mental health and wellbeing and ensuring everyone who was a part of their club had an added opportunity to seek support if and when they needed it. 


The Liminal team worked with the club to establish 2 Wellbeing Champions who would each oversee the netball players and football players. Sharing this responsibility enabled greater connection from the dedicated groups and improved adoption of the Liminal App. This internal encouragement increased app check-ins and was a launchpad for conversations to take place. After consistent use, the wellbeing team were able to monitor and review club-wide metrics via the Management System. 


The response from players since launching Liminal in May has been incredible. Collectively, the club has counted over 3,000 check-ins from players that have assisted in initiating 232 conversations via notifications and support requestions. The positive feedback from players since implementing the wellbeing program has been evident from Liminal’s recent survey results. 93% of Strathfieldsaye players said that the Liminal App has assisted in creating a safe and trusting environment at their club and 100% said they value wellbeing as an important part of their club. 



Said the Liminal App makes them feel self-aware. 


Said the Liminal App makes them feel supported.


Agreed that the check-in assists them to identify their daily wellbeing.


“Just sitting back every day and really thinking about how I’m feeling and realising how good life is!!!”

“Being aware of my own mental health and knowing the days that I am struggling I can ask for help.”

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