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lululemon Purpose, Vision, + Goals Workshop

Liminal recently had the pleasure of joining lululemon for their Purpose, Vision + Goals workshop held at their Emporium Store. We were joined by their extended community and invited to explore our personal potential and share with those around us.


lululemon are front runners when it comes to personal and professional development. They support every individual on their team and extend their resources to those who are like-minded in the community. Helping others to define their purpose, envision their future, and set personal goals.

Early partners of lululemon developed a module training program for their employees to set goals both inside and outside of work. It’s something they encourage everyone to do more than once, revisiting, and redefining as our paths progress. The full program includes modules: Values, Uniqueness, Vision, Purpose, and Goals.

Extending this program to the wider community is helping us connect our values and vision and smash our goals.

“The intention of this Values, Vision and Goals series is to extend the program to our wider community, to facilitate for you to connect to your values, envision a life you love and set goals that are aligned with both.”

The workshop was broken down into 3 key pillars: Values, Vision, & Goals.

Values: Our values guide us. Why we act and what we act on; they’re our filter for choice. Values help us navigate moment-to-moment choices and allow us to set more meaningful goals.

Vision: Drafting a vision that inspires you. The vision you create is what will guide you forward. To vision is to imagine your future for yourself, one that aligns with your values.

Goals: The way you write a goal sets you up for success. Phrasing them in a clear and encouraging way is sure to keep you motivated. Your goal should stretch you in a good way, through effort and commitment.

We had a great time exploring our own values, envisioning where we want to be, and setting goals to help us get there. It was fantastic to meet new people, find new motivation, and ways to collaborate. Something lululemon does so well.

The lululemon team is sharing their program with you. You can download their worksheets from their website and commit to the workshop with dedication and curiosity. Good luck!

Download the worksheets!


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